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Back to nature

Royal Palm Village: A journey within

Welcomes everyone to the first of its kind vacation - style living in the lap of lush green nature with sparkling fishing pond, manicured landscape, walking track, sporting and a plethora of recreational activities away from the hustle of the city. Villas are thoughtfully designed to provide you with an experience of resort style living.

When life comes calling

The very face of the project epitomizes serenity, verdant bounty and the solace of nature. Invoking impressions of the pastures and rich greens of the past and the charisma of balinese structures, the retreat is what soothes your soul and enriches your being like never before.

A picture of solitude

Discover peace and solace among the realms of unspoilt greenery. Your home paints a picture of calm and comfort among the manicured palm plantations around. Listen to the rustling of the breeze and take in the purest aroma of nature. Add life to the years and revel in its true spirit.

The grandeur of the opulence

Spoil yourself at the immaculate resort. Lose in sheer bliss whether you take at dip at the sprawling pool or rejuvenate your senses at the therapeutic spa. The shade of the palms guards over the resort where you sprawl in perfect quietude. Re-discover your senses and revitalize your soul here.

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